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Slimming Program


Healthy Slimming Program

Young and old, underweight and overweight all women are subject to cellulite and the problem only becomes worse with time. Gradually, the lumpy orange-peel effect of cellulite becomes more pronounced on the hips, abdomen, thighs, and buttocks.

A more sedentary lifestyle and a unbalanced diet contribute further to the development of cellulite and the appearance of localized rolls of fat. In women, the tissue is particularly sensitive to variations in hormone levels (menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and menopause) which promote the storage and build-up of fat reserves.

Most women have tried in vain to remove cellulite with everything from diet and intense exercise to cellulite creams, traditional and alternative remedies and slimming drugs.

With the revolutionary endermologie technique, the dream of all women, to rid themselves of their excess curves and unattractive orange-peel areas, is now a reality!!!


Body shaping with endermologie offers weight loss, body shapeing, skin toning and cellulite loss. LPG system is the only FDA approved technology for weight loss, Fat resolution, body contouring, cellulite treatment and skin toning all at one go.

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Healthy Slimming Programe

Healthy Slimming Programs involves normally:

Trouble Shooting, Body Fat, Body Composition Measurements.

Nutritional Guidance.

Work Out For Fitness.

Machine Treatments.

Lymphatic Drainage.

Fat Burning & Muscle Toning.

Normally 10-15 kilos weight loss in total of 5 weeks is anticipated.

This techniques is very effective, fast which involves no surgery or injections. It is relatively fast and painless. It yields beautiful results for svelte bodies, be it after pregnancy, child birth or for spot reduction or for over all toning for both men and women. Combine with mesotherapy for a beautiful picture perfect body!

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